BrollyBear is a game of skill for iOS. You play a bear with an umbrella, as you might guess from the name.

It can be played with just one finger: you tap the screen to jump, and hold the touch to open your umbrella and float.

You must avoid spiky bushes and grumpy bees, while collecting as many stars as you can. If you collect enough stars you will unlock new gameplay bonuses, as well as new bears in a range of beautiful environments.

The music was composed by my friend Chloe Taylor, and it is excellent.

BrollyBear is Game Center enabled, so you can pit your best scores against other players around the world. Good luck!

You can contact me about BrollyBear at

PRIVACY POLICY: I don't gather any personal information with BrollyBear. I use Crashlytics to detect crashes and count user numbers. I present advertisements from iAd, but do not send the IDFA or other unique identifying information. You can post messages to your Twitter or Facebook account from BrollyBear's game over screen, but I don't record what you post or anything else of that sort.