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A free physics-based arcade game for iOS. You can contact the developer (which is to say, me) at

Scoop is easy to play but difficult to master. You must pilot your tiny, fragile mining pod through a deadly meteor shower. You will need quick reflexes, and to calmly anticipate the movement of the obstacles as they fly around you.

Your pod has a mining scoop, attached by a pendulum, which can scoop up rocks to increase your energy. Learning to control the heavy scoop is the key to high scores.

You control your pod by tapping where you want it to go.

You earn 10 points for every second you survive, and that's multiplied by 3 whenever you're at full energy! Each rock you scoop up is worth 50 points.

There are also several special power-ups that appear from time to time. These grant various bonuses, from ten seconds of slow motion, to the Power Pill which makes you briefly invulnerable to collisions.

Scoop is Game Center enabled, so you can pit your best scores against other players around the world. Good luck!

PRIVACY POLICY: I don't gather any personal information with Scoop.