Ibsh's printable Imperial Assault Skirmish Maps

Find below lovingly photoshopped versions of the 2-player Skirmish maps for Fantasy Flight Games' Imperial Assault.

I have altered quite a bit of the wording, either because I am British and prefer British spelling, or because I wanted the mission rules to be a bit clearer.

Otherwise, all changes are cosmetic: there are no jigsaw joins between tiles, grids are more or less lined up, and the tiles do not have their identifying numbers/symbols.

If you want to print these for play, I recommend the Extreme Classic PVC banner from Pixartprinting. All the images have a resolution of 300 pixels per inch.

To use these maps you must own the indicated Fantasy Flight product.

MapFFG productUpdated
Mos Eisley OutskirtsImperial Assault Core Game2016/03/14
Moisture FarmLuke Skywalker Ally Pack2016/03/16
Massassi RuinsDarth Vader Villain Pack2016/03/14
Corellian UndergroundHan Solo Ally Pack2016/03/20
Imperial Labour CampChewbacca Ally Pack2016/04/07
Geonosis FoundryRebel Troopers Ally Pack2016/04/07
Endor WildernessRebel Saboteurs Ally Pack2016/02/29
Imperial Research LabGeneral Weiss Villain Pack2016/02/29
Kuat Space StationRoyal Guard Champion Villain Pack2016/03/15
Ord Mantell JunkyardIG-88 Villain Pack2016/03/15
Mos Eisley CantinaTwin Shadows2016/03/14
Wasteland OutpostR2-D2 and C-3PO Ally Pack2016/06/11
Tython Meditation FieldKayn Somos Villain Pack2016/04/29
Imperial Space StationBoba Fett Villain Pack2016/04/30
Training GroundStormtroopers Villain Pack2016/03/15
Development FacilityWookiee Warriors Ally Pack2016/04/30
Sewers of Nar ShaddaaHired Guns Villain Pack2016/04/30
Echo BaseReturn to Hoth2016/05/26
Nelvaanian WarzoneLeia Organa Ally Pack2016/03/17
Hoth Weather ShelterEcho Base Troopers Ally Pack2016/05/26
Climate Research CampGeneral Sorin Villain Pack2016/05/26
Hoth Battle StationDengar Villain Pack2016/05/26
Imperial Command HubAlliance Smuggler Ally Pack2016/02/29
Coruscant LandfillBantha Rider Villain Pack2016/03/01
Bespin Tibanna FacilityThe Bespin Gambit2016/09/11
Lothal SafehouseLando Calrissian Ally Pack2016/06/11
ISB HeadquartersAgent Blaise Villain Pack2016/06/09
ISB Training GroundsISB Infiltrators Villain Pack2016/06/10
Wasskah Hunting GroundBossk Villain Pack2016/06/10
Anchorhead BarObi-Wan Kenobi Ally Pack2016/07/10
Kashyyyk StationThe Grand Inquisitor Villain Pack2016/10/18
Hangar BayGreedo Villain Pack2016/07/11
Jabba's PalaceJabba The Hutt Villain Pack2017/04/08


Four player map

Same amazing quality, weird size.

MapFFG productUpdated
Hoth BattlefieldReturn to Hoth2016/05/26