Ibsh's printable Imperial Assault Skirmish Maps

Find below printable versions of the 2-player Skirmish maps for Fantasy Flight Games' Imperial Assault.

I am not making any more of these maps; please don't email me about them. There is an ongoing effort to continue this work.

To use these maps you must own the indicated Fantasy Flight product.

MapFFG productUpdated
Mos Eisley OutskirtsImperial Assault Core Game2016/03/14
Moisture FarmLuke Skywalker Ally Pack2016/03/16
Massassi RuinsDarth Vader Villain Pack2016/03/14
Corellian UndergroundHan Solo Ally Pack2016/03/20
Imperial Labour CampChewbacca Ally Pack2016/04/07
Geonosis FoundryRebel Troopers Ally Pack2016/04/07
Endor WildernessRebel Saboteurs Ally Pack2016/02/29
Imperial Research LabGeneral Weiss Villain Pack2016/02/29
Kuat Space StationRoyal Guard Champion Villain Pack2016/03/15
Ord Mantell JunkyardIG-88 Villain Pack2016/03/15
Mos Eisley CantinaTwin Shadows2016/03/14
Wasteland OutpostR2-D2 and C-3PO Ally Pack2016/06/11
Tython Meditation FieldKayn Somos Villain Pack2016/04/29
Imperial Space StationBoba Fett Villain Pack2016/04/30
Training GroundStormtroopers Villain Pack2016/03/15
Development FacilityWookiee Warriors Ally Pack2016/04/30
Sewers of Nar ShaddaaHired Guns Villain Pack2016/04/30
Echo BaseReturn to Hoth2016/05/26
Nelvaanian WarzoneLeia Organa Ally Pack2016/03/17
Hoth Weather ShelterEcho Base Troopers Ally Pack2016/05/26
Climate Research CampGeneral Sorin Villain Pack2016/05/26
Hoth Battle StationDengar Villain Pack2016/05/26
Imperial Command HubAlliance Smuggler Ally Pack2016/02/29
Coruscant LandfillBantha Rider Villain Pack2016/03/01
Bespin Tibanna FacilityThe Bespin Gambit2016/09/11
Lothal SafehouseLando Calrissian Ally Pack2016/06/11
ISB HeadquartersAgent Blaise Villain Pack2016/06/09
ISB Training GroundsISB Infiltrators Villain Pack2016/06/10
Wasskah Hunting GroundBossk Villain Pack2016/06/10
Anchorhead BarObi-Wan Kenobi Ally Pack2016/07/10
Kashyyyk StationThe Grand Inquisitor Villain Pack2016/10/18
Hangar BayGreedo Villain Pack2016/07/11
Jabba's PalaceJabba The Hutt Villain Pack2017/04/08


Four player map

Same amazing quality, weird size.

MapFFG productUpdated
Hoth BattlefieldReturn to Hoth2016/05/26