Filthy Kicks

Dirty Little Secret: the debut album

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Filthy Kicks are Darren Turze, Violeta Barrena, Roland Heap, Beats Boy, Ibrahim Sha'ath and Jana Skene.
Dirty Little Secret written by Turze, Skene, Sha'ath, Heap. Lyrics by Skene, Sha'ath. Recorded by Heap, Turze. Produced by Turze, Heap, Sha'ath. Original violin image by Andrew Sutherland.

This recording is licensed under Creative Commons. We encourage you to share and remix our work, and you are free to do so under the following conditions: you must attribute it to Filthy Kicks; you may not use it for commercial purposes; and you may only distribute derivative works under the same or a similar license. These conditions may be waived only with specific permission from Filthy Kicks.